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Updated: Oct 16, 2019

More and more research is coming out everyday on the effects of Mental Wellness on overall health.

800,000 SUICIDES every year worldwide and is increasing….

Depression & anxiety is NOW the #1 reason why people are going to the doctor’s office.

It’s time to wake people and understand 2 things:

  1. Mental Health is the new Physical Health

  2. Let go of the ego, break free from the Stigma and create Power in your MENTAL WELLNESS


First, whether you are a high-achieving rock star or at a place in life where you feel like it takes everything in you to make a grocery list…if any of you are feeling at least 3 of these below then it’s time to check your barometer on mental health.

Pain, fatigue, overwhelm, heart palpations, hair loss, anxiety, depression, weight loss/gain, tremors, dementia, brain fog, weakness, hopelessness, helplessness, unmotivated, lack of joy, gut issues, muscle weakness, inability to concentrate.

Oh, and guess what? If your not feeling any above you can still “up level” your mental health to maximize your goals every day because if you live in America we are constantly receiving toxins in our body daily…eating, smelling, seeing, hearing…and we need to make time to clear out the toxins which yes, will maximize physical function & BRAIN function!

Second, develop a DAILY routine on clearing out the clutter, creating space to maximize your DAY. This often will include prayer/meditation, journaling and MOVEMENT. When, where, and how you do is different for everyone. But it starts with trying a few things and “tweaking” as you go. The most successful people I have had the honor to connect with and are truly physical & MENTAL giants HAVE a daily routine of pulling back into themselves, understanding their WHY, clarifying their path, purpose and passion.

My daily routine consists of of prayer/meditation, journaling/proclaiming out loud my truths and “dumping” stresses/erroneous beliefs, and movement (ASIDE: Although exercise comes naturally to me my schedule doesn’t always allow for it and guess what? MOVEMENT for just a few minutes has shown to increase creativity and brain function, increase serotonin levels, improve mood and increase stress tolerance). This daily routine takes no more than 30 minutes. And what’s 30 minutes people? We waste more time on a bad sit com on T.V….can I get an AMEN?!

I have had to “tweak” as I go through this life…and don’t be surprised that it changes as you go through different stages too. Our body is constantly adapting and growing…it wants to “succeed” for you but we do have to listen to its voice of what it needs and wants.

Third, as a health + leadership coach and integrative physical therapist I have seen SOOOO many people do a daily routine like the one above along with PT/body work, exercise and good diet and they either are not meeting the goals they have for themselves or their mental/physical health is still in the toilet.

Well, another KEY missing piece is connecting to WHAT REALLY MAKES YOU TICK. Your passions, your purpose, your gifts to give to the world…basically why you were created…this is your spirituality! We have allowed our popular culture to minimize this part…or at minimum create an environment that doesn’t make us really look at how it specifically attains to each of us. No matter what you believe on how or why you were created you DO need to connect to it to really optimize all areas of your life. This is the deepest part of you! When you get this it allows you to make better decisions around health, relationships, money and more because you GET WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHAT YOU WANT! So cool! And watch your MENTAL Wellness sky rocket…because you are dialed into to UNIQUE YOU.

So if you are not sure what your passions, purpose, gifts are…start by writing down what they are NOT! Trust me, this will declutter your brain, get the creative juices going on who you are and watch how much fun you have on seeing who you really are…really. :)

Disclaimer: these tips do not mean you are not going to have bad days…we all do…such is Life. BUT what you will see is your ability to create a stable mental health through the good and bad days AND ultimately see your goals come to fruition. Also, there are professional services such as coaching, counseling to aid in support and breakthroughs and OFTEN is needed. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…we all need community and support at times…healing starts with getting the right support. I love working with clients to create a EPIC life post trauma…you can have it!

CREATE the life you were meant for my friends…go after it. You have one life. And little hint? It starts with your Mental Health.

Much love,


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