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Speak Your Truth

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Keynotes, Coaching & Workshops to ensure you have the mind-body frameworks, behaviors & tools to run your race in any environment.

Jennifer Watson

Founder & CEO,

Run Your Race Global

Keynote Speaker,

Coach, Practitioner  

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Jennifer is an authentic force of truth and love on stage. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She’s a must for your next event

Abbey Gibb 
Emmy winner | 2x TEDx speaker

Have you ever noticed…



can block movement forward in your environment


And what determines the Vitality-Energy in your environment?

Emotional Wellness + Communicative Expression 


So how do we harness Emotional Wellness + Communicative Expression to create “all-in” investment of you, your clients, your team to the next-level of growth & impact?

You give yourself a new framework to thrive no matter the environment…no matter the environment 

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That's Where
Jennifer Comes in...


Jennifer is dynamic, powerful and authentic.
The audience will walk away immediately feeling inspired.

Suzy Favor Hamilton
3x Olympian
New York Times Best Selling Author


Hey, I'm Jennifer

I spent a lot of my early career as practitioner and an entrepreneur doing a lot of things that left me exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering if it was all worth it.  Did I have success? Yes. I had a 6-figure business within the first year of my first healthcare business with clients and a team that loved what I was offering. 


BUT it came at a big cost to my health, my relationships, and ultimately what I was building.  My whole point as a business owner was to make powerful impact in wellness with my business while having the flexibility and freedom to do what I wanted when I wanted, and have a team that was equally passionate to help me do all of this.  

AND make money doing it with ease & joy!

What happened was me becoming miserable and it disseminating to my team. Everything continued to get a lot harder…pushing, pulling, resisting…so much for freedom and powerful impact.  This led to dark years of debilitating depression and ultimately wanting to checkout, throw in the towel. ​ I DIDN’T Because I realized I had an amazing opportunity for healing, growth and expansion of me and what I wanted to bring to the world. I chose to take what I was feeling, hit head on the behaviors connected to the feelings and navigate through how they were effecting my life. To choose to activate the healing journey, speak my truth, amplify the new Leader, and accelerate my deeper purpose of impact on my playground. My journey back to my Wellness, in particular Mental Wellness and ultimately my life was literally creating a framework for other Leaders that were ready to live on their playground too. To create vitality-wellness, next-level communication/speaking + high-frequency leadership traits, and sustainable high-performance, no matter the environment. Today, I get to help thought leaders transform themselves & the health of their company, speak their truth and accelerate their profit and deeper purpose impact that they were meant for. To #RUNYOURRACE


run your race
And Disrupt Leadership As Usual 

Transforming the Leader from surviving to thriving their prosperity & deeper purpose of impact no matter the environment.


Activate Vitality through Emotion Disruptors

How a person shows-up in their Vitality for the day has to do with their overall Wellness (Mind-Body-Soul). And of that Wellness, the biggest influencer often is the person’s ability to process & regulate their emotions. With growth & change happening in your life & business (and sometimes at the same time) this area can be missed which leads to anxiety, overwhelm and confusion for you and the people in your environment. Recognizing these emotional disruptors and accessing their power to shift into a state of Vitality is the first step in creating an unstoppable vision and drawing in exceptional clients no matter the environment.


Amplify High-Frequency Leadership through Intuitive Speaking + Next-Level Leader Traits 

Your relationships within an environment can be a hurdle for success. The ability to effectively implement your unique Leadership frequency, communicative expression and traits is vital in enhancing you & your people’s purpose, productivity, confidence in decision-making, and overall sustained high-energy environment. The Run Your Race tools & frameworks empower you to gain clarity on your message of truth & deeper purpose you desire to give to the world, amplify your leadership frequency through developing conscious leader traits & intuitive communication for the opportunities at hand. This will lead to “all-in buy-in” with your clients, your team. You are now able to transform any environment to your favor.


Accelerate High-Performance Sustainability Influence

This is where your team and now your tribe becomes a fine-tuned machine. Utilizing #bridgethegap tools and frameworks to create Expansion of your mission through your team to your community and beyond. Teaching next-level high-performance principles on how to BE the accelerated expansion and shatter the ceiling on profit & performance. You are now creating a MOVEMENT. You are becoming the 1% Thought Leader. Teaching at this stage 1% Leader techniques that allow your message to transcend to millions with joy & ease.

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