Coaching with Jennifer

Helping men and women make subtle changes in their health and leadership is truly my passion.  By making impactful & sustainable shifts in overall health will allow you to create the

Health + Leadership + Legacy=

I do not believe in the popular narrative that you have to be “STUCK” in a traumatic state that limits you from getting the life you want.  

The LIFE you absolutely desire and deserve!

No matter your trauma (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), you weren’t meant to stay there and I see too many people STAY their.  BUT I also believe they don’t want to and deep, deep down…they have HOPE they don’t have to!

If you are on this page, I am assuming you have at least a BIT of hope and that’s enough to start with!


Living your life on a “hamster” wheel of limiting beliefs and fears is NOT where you are suppose to be!  And yes, this is often where we stay after our trauma. 


First, understand your trauma counts!  Don’t compare it to someone else’s or play the game in your head that yours isn’t as significant…if it’s effecting our quality of life then it’s SIGNIFICANT.  Second, the KEY is unlocking the TRAUMA, creating the HEALTH (mental Health first), then creating the Leadership (self-leadership first) and yes, then living the LEGACY you were made for…and GUESS what…is already there! Say WHAT?!!!

These are my current offerings to support you in your Wellness Journey: