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Jennifer is a dynamic & passionate speaker that lays it all out there with “drop the mic” and “aha” moments for the attendee. She combines the energy of the crowd with her expertise and experience in mental edge & identity enhancement, high performance, post-trauma growth, leadership + wellness mastery, and ultimately soul-aligned living mastery to EXPONENTIALLY grow in your personal and professional endeavors.


Jennifer creates an authentic and powerful environment in both small personal growth settings to bigger summit stages.  She presents powerful topics that support, heal and exponentially grow ambitious and conscious leaders & entrepreneurs.

I am thrilled to customize keynotes, masterclasses, & programs to your needs.

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Jennifer’s expertise and focus is on Wellness +  Leadership, Mental Edge Enhancement, Intuitive Leadership & Emotional Intelligence Mastery, Adversity Training, Self-Empowerment + Peak Performance and Post-Trauma growth to fan the individuals unique INFLUENCE & create the Soul-Aligned LIFE they were meant for. 

Some of Jennifer’s KEYNOTE speeches and topics include (not exclusive):



Jennifer Watson is confident that each of us can become true leaders of self and ultimate our of environment (aka: our team). And that doing so will give rise to living your LEGACY out now. But the KEY to doing this has been left out for awhile. We need to work on the right system and that's the GUT.

More Information about Leadership 2.0


Nearly every person has felt themselves struggle in creating and KEEPING Wellness in their lives. And all people have felt the influence of Wellness in all areas of our lives when we donʼt keep Wellness thriving on all cylinders. Jennifer truly believes that there is a “flow” state that people are not currently accessing for Wellness. Studies have shown that the average

More Information about Adversity Wellness 2.0

**BEYOND HAPPINESS: How To Create Your Vitality Edge

So many conscious business leaders understand and often tap into activities that create higher performance but realize they are still feeling the exhaustion, low energy and not living the life they truly want. This presentation goes beyond feeling “happy” and expands on the true source of creating a consistent flow of energy, focus, and high performance AND consistent peace & joy in the path you were truly meant for.

More Information about Beyond Happiness


If you live long enough you've lived through some trials and maybe some pretty tough ones. This seminar will look at Pain and Transformation, Daring to Risk Again, and Getting Uncomfortable... All to stretch and grow. And YES... create your Fabulous starting NOW!

More Information about Creating Your Fabulous


Resisting what we desire the most? Why do we resist happiness? Why do we think Financial Success is Unattainable or actually even bad? Our past story (and yes, often from childhood) dictates our beliefs which dictate our behaviors which dictate our outcomes. The beliefs we carry are often subconscious and until we break the belief we won't have the freedom to live the life we really want. Money and Happiness ARE AWESOME and yes, itʼs okay to say that and BELIEVE that! 

More Information about Resisting Success


This seminar focuses on the LEADER in all of us. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom/dad or an entrepreneur (and actually moms/dads ARE entrepreneurs!) this seminar will help you lead powerfully in your unique arena. Many times FEAR "freeze frames" our mind and stops us from moving, doing anything at all... the mind is a busy instrument! But we can harness it to work in a powerful way and be the LEADER that is truly in all of us.

More Information about Be Bold. Be Seen.


You, the athlete, have amazing gifts that you have turned into art. It is these things that cross the athletic arena and create a fantastic force to be reckoned with in life after sport. And yes, athletes make some of the greatest ENTREPRENEURS! Learning to hone these skills that can give you the edge...and yes, SUCCESS...will create the entrepreneural dynasty you seek.

More Information about Athletes and Entrepreneurs


For all you female entrepreneurs! I have such a passion for this ROCKIN group of people. And yet, I see us make mistakes that slow us down or create obstacles that don't have to be there. The female is an absolutely powerful creature! Honing in on our gifts and "tweaking" the things that don't come as easy can catapult your "baby" into more success than ever imagined!

More Information about You Are a Powerful Creator


If you loved YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR, you will love this seminar on tapping into your intuitive side! We will delve further into growing your business in extraordinary ways. Often we experience "growing pains" throughout entrepreneuralship and it's during these times we need to make good management choices.

More Information about Tapping Into Intuitive Management
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