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Taking Self-Development to the “Sweet Spot”

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Many of us have our ideas of what Self-Development is…growth, learning, becoming a better version you, fanning your gifts, “tweaking” weaknesses…heck, just becoming a better person.

But I believe Self-Development initiates from understanding how to self-lead…Self-Leadership.

There are 3 areas that ultimately will develop your Leadership and ultimately your Development but as we chat about these 3 UNDERSTAND there is a “sweet spot” to these areas. Often we as human go “high and right” on things we do… good or bad…it’s our nature to be excessive.

But when we dial in, STRATEGICALLY disrupt and also understand you don’t have to throw the “baby out with the bath water” you will hit your “sweet spot.”

SO…what are 3 areas we can strategically disrupt to become better leaders and maximize our “Sweet Spot” for self-development?

  • SELF-INTEGRITY: You do what you say you are going to do. It’s commitment to yourself and to the world. It reminds you you are worthy, needed in this world so time to step up and use your gifts to serve the world. BUT this does not mean that when you realize you have made a bad choice you continue to head toward the brick wall. STOP! Sometimes we learn best from BAD choices…and yes, our truth will become more clear. But as you create healthier boundaries you will find less bad decisions will be made. Self-Integrity will continue to become more consistent and watch the momentum take off. SWEET SPOT= Self-Integrity + Stop when you realize probably not a good decision

  • Presence and Intention are KEY: We’ve heard these phrases a lot this year and they both allow you to realize more of who you are. Presence gives you space to learn and digest your world. Intention makes you take action in the moment and filter out ALL the noise, erroneous beliefs, comparison that is out there. BUT this does not mean that you don’t allow spontaneity, flexibility in your schedule because let’s face it life happens. Spontaneity brings the color and “need to be naughty” in our life…and yes, enhances ultimately our ability to be present and intentional a majority of the time. SWEET SPOT= Presence & Intention + Let your hair down

  • Forgiveness: It starts first by forgiving ourselves. We are our own worst enemy sometimes. When we haven’t forgiven ourselves it’s like putting a huge road block into self-development. And guess what? If you haven’t dialed in your ability to forgive self do you think you can forgive others that well…”hay to the no.” Forgiveness has an amazing amount of energy to create leadership in you. BUT that does not mean you let people walk all over you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you do not confront a situation that needs to be confronted or let people walk all over you. Don’t use forgiveness as a shield for fear to confront. Use forgiveness as a path toward developing humility, amplifying better decision-making, and growing opportunities…for YOU and others.

Remember, this is a start…you’ll be surprised where you will go with this. Be willing to continuously disrupt your life and watch the Leadership and Development catapult to new levels for you.



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