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Your Emotional State

Become the Resilient + Influential Leader


Coaching, consulting and workshops to help you to shift your state and create healthy high-performance that accelerates your income and impact, no matter the environment.


Its time to Run your Race and be the Healed + Influential Leader

Here’s is
what typical
looks like:


Leaders are avoiding:

Navigating emotions, having tough conversations, and activating their own greatness

Ultimately you & your community are suppressing:

Emotions, self-expression, and performance

This Gap

Is the reason majority of leaders, executives & businesses will not succeed during growth, change or adversity

It’s time to


Jennifer shows you how to...


Mental-Emotional State + Healthy Resilience
to create ambitious results, no matter the environment (Your Health)​


Leadership Frequency-Style + Higher Level Leadership Traits

that enhances communication, productivity and engagement for your vision, shifting the environment to your favor

(Your Leadership)​


Sustainable High-Performance + Time-Freedom

that increases income and impact without sacrificing your health, your peace, nor the things that matter most to you
(Your Legacy)

Let's Begin...

“Becoming the Influential Leader with the mission you desire to give to the world requires you to navigate emotions + shift your state, speak your truth potently and activate your unique leadership greatness. This is what will allow you to accelerate your impact and profit with energy, peace and joy while reaching millions with your legacy."

When we learn how to shift our mental-emotional states, engage higher-frequency leadership traits and create sustainable high-performance,  we will create resilient + influential leaders that are successful through any environment.

Jennifer Watson


Transform pain and resistance into vitality + influence that creates success no matter the environment.

Customized coaching programs, team workshops that give you transformational tools + frameworks that create lasting behavior changes and sustainable success during growth and change.


Your Health


Your Leadership

Your Legacy

Our Programs are here to:


Optimize mental-emotional states & create healthy resilience that allows you to show-up fully in your purpose


Amplify your Leadership Frequency-Style & Next-Level Traits that allows you to multiply productivity 


Master your flow-state performance that allows you to accelerate profit and impact


Activate influence that allows you to sustain success through your community and beyond all while creating freedom for the things that matter most to you


Implementing rapid transformation tools & frameworks to:

The Transformational Coaching Journey

  • Shift mental-emotional states

  • Breakthrough core blocks & behaviors keeping you in resistance 

  • Activate higher leadership expression & next-level traits

  • Engage Masterful Communication

  • Sustain productivity &  performance 

  • Create an all-in team culture & community

  • Become the Accelerated Influencer


All to accelerate your peace, impact & profit….and have the time-freedom to prioritize the things that matter most to you


Signature Coaching Programs:


This 4 month journey utilizes frameworks and tools that returns the Mind-Body-Soul back to it’s original design of health & vitality so you can show-up fully as a leader

The transformational results you will receive: —>SHIFT your Emotional State (the Gate Keeper to who you divinely are) into one that allows your highest self to show-up —>Break free of core pain and ideas keeping you in resistance —>Gain clarity on who you are, what message & impact you desire to create & articulate it intelligently & intuitively —>Increase resilience bandwidth through mental state regulation + optimization —>Rewire the body-mind to align with behaviors that are congruent with the future version of you & your vision —>Sustain your highest potential no matter the environment …allowing you to show-up as the healthiest and truest version of you that allows the people, places and opportunities that create acceleration in your deeper purpose of impact to reach the people that need your message!

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Supporting Ambitious Leaders to learn First Hand How to Stay in High Vitality-Health while becoming an Influential Leader in Your Business of Impact & Beyond
This 4-month journey utilizes frameworks and tools that teaches you how to shift your emotional state (the Gate Keeper to gaining access to your full potential), develop “next-level” leader traits and create high-performance embedded in health so that you can accelerate your impact, income and vision + mission to the world…no matter the environment.

The Transformational results you will receive: —> Shift your emotional state into one that allows you to consistently show-up in your highest self even when life or biz throw you into the weeds —>Eliminate patterns & behaviors that lead to procrastination, self-sabotage & overwhelm and replace with action that leaves you feeling energized and aligned with your purpose —->Double your productivity that wins back your day and creates space for things that matter most to you. —->Accelerate your profit that feels easy while having peace of mind of a “ready” team —->Amplify intuition with your gifting that allows confidence & boldness in decisions aligned with your mission. —->Navigate tough conversations powerfully while creating an environment that optimizes innovation and creation —> Master higher-level of communication that creates connected, effective and proactive problem-solving —>Sustain high-performance & healthy resilience that allows for continued movement forward, no matter the growth, change, or adversity —->Cultivate a team culture that is becoming transformed by the vision you are creating and an “all-in” engagement from your community that accelerates your impact to the world —->Develop Authentic Influence that brings out the brilliance of others and thus creating other high-frequency leaders …allowing you to show-up as the High-Frequency Leader that accelerates your divine calling all while being in peace, joy and living your best life on your terms.

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Powerful trainings for mid to larger level teams ready to transform the lives of their team, the health of their company and accelerate their profit +  impact for good.  All trainings are highly integrated & interactive with immediately usable tools and frameworks to create rapid and sustainable success through growth.


Our 4-part training series includes:

    •    Vitality-Wellness

    •    Leadership Transformation

    •    Communication-Mastery

    •    Performance-Influence-Profit Acceleration

Wellness Vitality 2-Day guided workshop: Wellness & Leadership Assessment to quantify overall wellness, emotional-mental bandwidth, and resilience as well as current leadership integrity. Creating measurable snapshot where leader & team excel and where they may need to focus energies in Mental-Physical-Emotional Wellness to vision of impact. Learning to harness mental-emotional states that ultimately facilitate leading potently during growth & challenges. Tools + Frameworks: --Mind-Body-Emotion Assessment through Jennifer’s Vitality-Wellness Framework Training --Leadership Assessment through Jennifer’s Lead-Integrity Framework --Emotional State Regulation + Optimization through Jennifer’s Vitality-Wellness Framework Leadership Transformation 2-day guided workshop: Creating clarity + up level on core values and vision and rewiring behaviors to consistently align with this. Recognizing and tapping into their leadership style & next-level traits while developing a dream-team that is connected, consistently productive, motivated and aligned with their mission. Tools + Frameworks: --Aligned + Sustained Behavior to Vision through Jennifer’s Wellness Integrity Framework --High-Frequency Leader Activation + Next-Level Leader Traits through Jennifer’s Leader-Transformation Framework --Choosing, Delegating, Optimizing your Dream Team through Jennifer’s Team Development Framework Communication Mastery 2-day guided training: Learning intuitive + intelligent communication to multiply productivity and accelerate problem-solving + decision making with growth & change. Optimizing team culture by navigating tough conversations powerfully. Tools & Frameworks: --Developing Intelligent + Intuitive Communication through Jennifer’s Left-Right Brain Frame --Accelerated problem-solving & decision making through Jennifer’s Aligned-Execution Framework --Next-Level Team Culture through Jennifer’s Connection Framework Performance-Influence-Profit Acceleration 2-day guided training: Empowering leaders & teams to continue the vision for sustainable impact and growth. Learning how to amplify your influence for your movement throughout all employees that allows accelerated performance + impact + profit while creating time freedom for the things that matter most to them.
 Tools + Frameworks: --Sustaining Performance that maximizes vision & reach through Jennifer’s Flow-State Performance Framework ---Expanding the vision & frameworks through potent influence to your community to accelerate profit & impact through Jennifer’s Team Acceleration Framework --Accelerated + sustainable growth Frameworks *Follow-up Consulting as needed*


Run-Your-Race Mastermind

We are at a time in history that we need more than ever Leaders that know how to Lead Potently and create influence for good at an accelerated rate.

This 6-month journey is for the 1% Leader that is ready to break-through the ceiling of everything they thought was possible and now realize there is so much more.


Bringing together a “high-quality” group of leaders that will cultivate an environment to challenge, sharpen, and expand current goals, innovative ideas, processes, and culture that accelerates influence… the top “1%” leader level.  


This will be a “high-touch,” highly interactive and integrative approach to leadership along with opportunities for leading, collaborations, events, speaking opportunities and more. 


Click here to set-up a call and see if this is a right fit for you

Summit + Retreats
Coming 2024


Jennifer will help you change your life. Jennifer Watson has a tremendous ability to help you shift your perspective and ultimately your life in the direction you want to see it go in. Her courses and coaching are exceptional.

Kaitlyn Sullivan 
Wellness & Fitness Practioner


She has helped me trust myself more, be a better listener, and set satiable and attainable goals to move me forward in my path towards success. Thank you Jen! I would highly recommend Jen for both IMT work and coaching for yourself, your team and your business!

Jamie Laskie 
Business Owner/Broker


Jennifer is truly gifted; her ability to ignite meaningful connection is a testament to her commitment to lead with authenticity & vulnerability. Jennifer kindly and gracefully showed me how to draw on my own strengths while also teaching me tools that built on one another to reach my goals.

Lauren Salz 

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