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Start to

Run your Race,

Activate your Movement,

BE the Potent Leader

Coaching, consulting & workshops that give you and your company belief & behavior shifts +  rapid-transformational tools to expand your mission no matter the environments & rapid-transformational tools to expand your mission no matter the environment


Its time to Run your Race and be the Healed + Potent Leader

Here’s is
what typical
looks like:

Holding a Sign

Leaders are avoiding:

Healing, tough conversations, activating their own greatness

Ultimately You & Your people are suppressing:

Emotions, Full Expression of Self, Resilience

This Gap

Is the reason majority of businesses will not succeed with

 growth, change or adversity

It’s time to


Jennifer shows you how to...


Healing to create emotional wellness +

intelligent communicative expression for ambitious results no matter the environment (Your Health)​


Leadership Frequency & Next Level Leadership Traits

to create 100% unity for success doubling productivity while shifting the environment to your favor (Your Leadership)​


Purpose, High-Performance, and Prosperity

by tripling profit and impact by Being the Environment you Envision for Good (Your Legacy)

Let's Begin...

"Becoming the Potent Leader, the Thought-Leader, the Agent-of-Change For Good you want to see for the world requires you to navigate your darkness + pain, speak your purpose so that others have the courage to do the same and make a lot of money + joy doing it.   This is what will allow your impact, your legacy to reach millions.

When we understand that Vitality which incorporates Mind-Body-Soul Wellness and Your Unique Purpose is optimized through emotional regulation & communicative expression we can create leaders & teams that are successful through any environment."

Jennifer Watson

Founder, Run Your Race Global


Transform pain & resistance into potent leadership & success no matter the environment through our RUN YOUR RACE Model

Customized One-on-One Mentorship, Group Trainings, and Masterminds to give your company lasting belief + behavior changes, rapid transformational tools & resources to create resilience + success through any environment


Your Health


Your Leadership

Your Impact

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