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But also remember, when you see leaders step into their struggle, courageously step into vulnerability, reach for answers and support it is ALSO the reason you are drawn to them... whether you consciously or subconsciously are aware of that. I got the beautiful opportunity to get interviewed on my thoughts on Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, stepping out on his struggle with depression this year and the many strong opinions out there regarding this choice.

I DEFINITELY have strong ideas about this topic.

The greatest Leaders that you and I know have had to battle their own demons...including Mental Wellness. Considered one of the greatest Leaders of All-Time, Abraham Lincoln, struggled with depression. Let’s get 3 things clear: First, Mental Wellness is equally has important as physical wellness...and right now...probably more important. When you ignore this is when you will get into trouble very quickly. There are answers out there. Knowledge weeds out ignorance and flourishes truth, compassion, healing and transcendence. Second, Mental Wellness struggles does not mean you are “weak”...let’s get rid of that “story line” now. See point one above. Third, Creating your MENTAL EDGE is KEY in creating ADVERSITY TOLERANCE AND consistent HIGH PERFORMANCE. Create your Mental Edge Now...for career, for life...and BEYOND.

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