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25+ years of Wellness Advocacy and Leadership Development filtered into instantly implementable frameworks to shift your emotional state & amplify your leadership influence aligned with your highest self & greatest vision

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Your Emotional State

Become the Resilient + Influential Leader



70% of new entrepreneurs have to close their doors within the first 1-3 years and 50% of established companies fail in accelerating or sustaining success during periods of growth and challenges.


Because their leader and their team are suffering.  They have no idea how to create true wellness, lead with highest potential, or connect at a deeper level during growth and challenges.

When you focus only on strategy alone it is missing true transformation.

AND transformation from the inside-out creates true acceleration and sustainability in profit and deeper purpose of impact for good you are giving to the world.

It’s time for a

Different Blueprint... PERIOD.

Jennifer gives you the framework to transform exhaustion, anxiety and overwhelm into your Health, your Leadership, your Legacy through any environment.

Stepping out of Chaos into Creation and live your legacy now!


Hey, I'm Jennifer

I spent a lot of my early career as a practitioner and an entrepreneur doing a lot of things that left me exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering if it was all worth it.  


Did I have success?


Yes. I had a 6-figure business within the first year of my first healthcare business with clients and a team that loved what I was offering. 


BUT it came at a big cost to my health, my relationships, and ultimately what I was building.  My whole point as a business owner was to make powerful impact in wellness with my business while having freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted, and have a team that was equally passionate to help me do all of this.  AND make money doing it with ease & joy!

What happened was me becoming miserable and it disseminating to my team. Everything continued to get a lot harder…pushing, pulling, resisting…so much for freedom and powerful impact.  This led to dark years of debilitating depression and ultimately wanting to checkout and throw in the towel. ​ I DIDN’T Because I realized I had an amazing opportunity for healing, growth and expansion of me and what I wanted to bring to the world. I chose to take what I was feeling, hit head on the behaviors connected to the feelings and navigate through how they were effecting my life. To choose to activate the healing journey, speak my truth, amplify the new Leader, and accelerate my deeper purpose of impact on my playground. My journey back to my Wellness, in particular Mental Wellness and ultimately my life was literally creating a framework for other Leaders that were ready to live on their playground too. To create higher level vitality, sustainable high-performance and next-level leadership influence, embedded in health…no matter the environment. Today, I get to help thought leaders transform themselves & the health of their company, speak their truth and accelerate their profit and deeper purpose impact that they were meant for. To #RUNYOURRACE

Black Fabric

I attended a presentation by Jennifer about Being Fabulous.  From start to finish she was engaging, present, informative and entertaining! Rare qualities in a public speaker. I learned more than I expected but never felt lectured to

Chrisy Thiel

shift your emotional state

Become the Resilient + Influential Leader Through Change

Transform the lives of your team and the health of your company to accelerate & sustain your profit & deeper purpose of impact, no matter the environment.


Master the Chemistry of Resilience to Achieve Ambitious Results:

The strategy presented in this keynote will empower the attendee to activate their inner resilience that will leverage anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm into opportunities to achieve ambitious results while sustaining health through change. 

This presentation is perfect for leaders & teams:


  • Struggling with burnout and navigating emotions during challenges while trying to show-up fully for their clients & team

  • Constantly overwhelmed and anxious while continuing to feel time constraints, decreased productivity and less impact through stages of growth

  • Dealing with complexity of growth and learning how to accelerate success no matter the environment

You will walk away with:


  • How to sustain a higher-level of health and ultimately resilience that accelerates performance and success of goals, through any adversity. 

  • How to optimize the chemistry of Mind-Body Wellness and gain a deeper understanding of its influence on the capacity + capability of resilience to increase peace and double productivity during challenges. 

  • A clear understanding of their current relationship to challenges and shift into one that champions their success. 


25+ years of Wellness Advocacy and Leadership Development filtered into instantly implementable frameworks to shift your emotional state & amplify your leadership influence aligned with your highest self & greatest vision


The Influential Leader: Accelerate Your Performance, Decision-Making and Impact by Uncovering Your Leadership "Genius"

The framework presented in this keynote will empower the attendee to appreciate and access a new level of leadership that is crucial in creating the income and impact you seek. 

This presentation is perfect for leaders and their teams:


  • Desiring to leverage intuition that double their productivity and accelerate their impact with ease.

  • Wanting to shatter doubt and fear and replace with consistent decision-making that is aligned with their mission.


  • Struggling with creating deeper connection & influence that gives way to consistent “all-in” culture from client, team, and community.


You will walk away with:

  • How to multiply productivity & accelerate sustainable performance by understanding how to optimize the health of your gut. 

  • How to engage your intuition and leverage it’s power on clarity of purpose and quality decision-making. 

  • How to utilize your leadership ‘genius’ traits to accelerate influence on your team and in your community that leads to your vision reaching millions. 

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Super-Charge Your Communication: Masterful Speaking, Double Productivity and Create Your “Dream-Team”

The strategy to super-charge your communication presented in this keynote creates clarity, articulation and amplification of your voice. Implementing communication frameworks that will create success among your team through intelligent + intuitive conversation. 

This is presentation is perfect for leaders & teams:


  • Wanting to create effective communication systems on all platforms for their clients & team that engage trust, opportunity and rapid achievement of goals.

  • Desiring more effective communication to optimize team performance and create a culture that inspires connection & higher quality outcomes.

  •  Ready to navigate difficult conversations & environments with intelligent & intuitive  conversations to accelerate profit and impact.

You will walk away with:


  • How to multiply productivity of your team during growth and change through the masterful communication framework. 

  • How to intelligently & intuitively speak to shift a difficult environment into one that creates accelerated problem-solving and a positive outcome for all. 

  • Inspired perspective in communication and its influence on your health, your profit and ultimately how you show-up daily as leaders to your community. 

State Edge:

Flow-State Mastery: Accelerating Sustainable High-Performance, When it Counts

The strategy presented in this keynote is like no other high-performance keynote. Taking an inspiring new viewpoint to engage & sustain high-performance, the audience will learn new paradigms & practical tools on how to leverage stressful situations into amplifying flow states and ultimately success. This presentation is perfect for leaders: -Desiring to step out of chaos into creation with more consistent high-performance daily while staying in vitality. -Wanting a framework that is sustainable to stay in performance with challenges. -Ready to prioritize the Wellness of their community appreciate it’s influence on Performance You will walk away with: -How to sustain their unique flow-state for high-performance with more ease and vitality that sustains quality of tasks while winning back more time in their day for things that matter most. -How to leverage stressful environments and optimize high-performance using the Flow-State Framework for accelerated achievements when it counts. -A clear understanding of why high-performance starts with wellness that leads to deeper fulfillment and an “all-in” mentality for you and your team.

Step out of Fear into Confidence:

Unleash your Vision & Be the Prosperity & Purpose you Desire

This powerful keynote distills accelerate your Vision & deeper purpose presented in this keynote empowers the audience to a new perspective on fear and how to leverage it to create consistent confidence in powerful decisions aligned with your deeper purpose. This program is perfect for High-Performers & Leaders: -Desiring an environment that shifts quickly out of fear into one that creates immediate & effective strategy to decision-making. -Those that desire to amplify confidence consistently that allows the vision to unfold in a joyful & empowering environment for themselves and team. -Ready to work less and create more while supporting their team in confidently pursuing the goal. You will walk away with: -An inspiring new perspective on fear and championing confidence that is entirely possible and enjoyable. -Self-assessment of your relationship to fear and redirect into an opportunity for accelerated personal & professional growth -Framework to cultivate a confidence consistently during times of stress, change and adversity.

Leader Traits:

Amplify Your Leadership Frequency & Influence to Accelerate your Success in the Workforce & Beyond

The Strategy to activate your Leadership Frequency presented in this keynote distills 25+ years of Jennifer’s experience in Wellness Advocacy and Leadership Management into vital skills and traits that will create POTENT Leaders leading with accelerated & sustainable success through all stages of growth. This program is perfect for leaders and their teams: -Wanting to inspire and empower their community, creating a team that can’t help but want to contribute to your cause. -Desiring to create more powerful connection & engagement of their clients & team to accelerate their movement. -Ready to create massive shifts and engagement on all levels of self & team through their unique superpowers, energy and & influence to shift the environment to their favor. You will walk away with: -Inspired perspective on the ‘next level’ Leadership traits and create momentum for your movement -Comprehension of the 3 Core Principles of Leadership Frequency Transformation → Accelerated Purpose, Productivity & Profit -Understanding of the influence of Leadership Frequency to sustained High Performance, no matter the environment.

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Host Jennifer Watson is a Transformational Speaker, Intuitive Leadership Coach & Integrative Practitioner. Soul Purpose Leadership is here to activate your Vitality & Wellness, amplify your Speaking & Leadership Frequency, and accelerate your message to impact. We will be creating opportunities for you to heal your pain, dance your story, own your frequency, speak your truth, and BE your movement to influence the world for good. It is your time to be the Soul Leader you were created for.

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