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What is the #1 Adversity tool to Optimize Wellness?

Adversity Makes us Level-up, Doesn’t It?

There is a lot of ways we are leveling up right now…AMEN!

Including our beautiful temple…our BODY.

More than ever we know it needs and deserves to be taken care of.

And when WE take care of it…it RISES…very well…against ADVERSITY…against illness.

It takes on it’s environment and knows exactly what to do and how to do it. But it does need our support to keep all cannon balls a firing.

There are TWO things we need to really dial in to create a MASTERFUL Body…one that RISES.

One, step into ADVERSITY…daily with your body! Yes, your body needs an environment where it is asked to RISE!

TWO, create an optimal environment to heal, thrive.

AND I am alllll about leveraging! So let’s do this. And oh, by the way, these are FREE…so no excuses!

SOOOO….my top 5 choices to step into ADVERSITY for you BODY to be the temple it deserves:

  1. Do something physically hard for you…daily. It doesn’t mean you have to spend 3 hours doing it. EVEN 10 minutes a day of an anaerobic exercise creates a stimulus for the body systems to rise on ALL levels! Not just heart and muscle BUT lymphatic, gut, brain, etc…all this is needed to boost immunity!

  2. Connect with at least one person you respect/admire that you know will consistently challenge you. Specifically in Wellness. Your mind will meet this “adversity”, this challenge because your mind wants to do what you want it to do…period!

  3. Eat Dirt, Roll in the Dirt, connect with other people in the dirt…I actually am being serious. Your Body understands it’s suppose to take on “all the things” of it’s environment and herd with other people doing the same. Connecting with bacterias from the world along with being in the same space as other people has been shown to decrease risk of illness and optimize immunity!

  4. Do something you are “scared of” daily. This can be having a tough conversation with a co-worker, investing in your business, trying some new food or exercise, reaching out to a new friend, etc. When we are willing to “stretch” our mind/body/soul into something foreign to us it also is EXACTLY the space where you learn, adapt, grow, thrive!

  5. JUMP into cold water! I mean really cold. Not only is there HUGE physical benefits in daily cold water immersion BUT you also are “training” your MIND to handle ADVERSITY!

SOOOO…my top 5 choices to create an optimal healing/thriving environment for your BODY:

  1. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP…research shows consistent sleep (along with more hours before midnight) significantly increases REM/deep sleep, boosts immunity, aids in healing (for daily and accumulative breakdown of systems), increases stress tolerance and more

  2. MOVEMENT specifically in nature…minimum of 10 minutes has been shown to significantly decrease risk to most diseases and cancers, increases stress tolerance, mood, effective work, creativity and more

  3. SPECIFIC VISUALIZATION…what is the thing you want the most in WELLNESS…the thing you can’t live without? See it, smell it, hear it, touch it…BE IT. More specific visualization = Law of Attraction baby of exactly what you want!

  4. INTENTIONAL MEDITATION…you are not thinking of your grocery list you guys. But specifically intending on your body/mind/soul to put it into a calm state of being. There are a variety of meditation practices but they all have a goal of putting you into a peaceful state to allow YOU to create IMPACT for the day. The most successful people you know consistently meditate.

  5. Optimize Self-Awareness…what triggers you vs. what EMPOWERS you. Take out the toxins…this includes people, places & things that “trigger” you and pull the people, places, things that “empower” you…be honest with yourself. When you do this the amount of space & energy you have to thrive in your WELLNESS goals is huge!

Let’s continue to optimize WELLNESS this year…because your body can…RISE above ADVERSITY!

Much love,


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