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Last year I decided to do a 12 week road trip…living out of my bag and traveling the country…for one main reason….to find out what the top leaders were doing that accelerated their joy, impact and profit.  And had a “dream team” that you would die for.


I was shocked to discover that they weren’t a “certain” type of personality or a leader that had a specific area of gifting or impact but that they had ONE thing in common…it was THIS  framework which I decided to name the Shift your Emotional State Framework.


They had mastered how to shift into a powerful emotional state quickly.  Even when “life got lifey” with all the challenges it can bring.


This framework didn’t just look at the top 10 “characteristics” of top leaders that I thought was the key.  This framework was looking at a more powerful foundation that accelerated top characteristics.


I am hosting a Workshop on

Thursday, February 15th, 5pm

Where you get to learn about this powerful framework

The Workshop schedule will include:

Meet & Greet and grab some grub

Presentation by Jennifer on “Shift your Emotional State”… to accelerate team culture, performance and profit

Learn more about how Jennifer supports leaders

Network with other amazing business owners in Greenville

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