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Your Health  -   Your Leadership   -  Your Legacy

Ready to Live your FULL POTENTIAL and ULTIMATE IMPACT IN a 12 week journey

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Breaking through the blocks that are holding you back from the life, the IMPACT you want. 

(Hint: it's not what you think it is)

#1 Wellness + Leadership Program for the Ambitious + Conscious Business Leader of the world


  • A Conscious Leader...
  • Been in business for a moment, just getting your feet wet as an entrepreneur or climbed up the corporate ladder…and you are feeling a “stuck”, a “lull”, a not quite on your game, or you are having success in something that doesn’t feel quite like your path
  • You know something is BLOCKED but you can’t figure out what…but deep down you know that’s why you are not progressing
  • You aren’t even sure how to lead anymore, you question everything..and actually wondering if your gifts as a leader are that powerful
  • And finally you realize you are not living “your dream”, the LEGACY you were meant for.  You are ready to be FULLY seen and live the life and IMPACT you want with EASE and FLOW.  Your SOUL-ALIGNED LEGACY 

Then this program is for you...

If you are ready to get out of your OWN head, tap into your “Jedi Flow State” of Genius and live your REAL life…your extraordinary life.  And actually live your PURPOSE!  And yes, actual live your ultimate IMPACT!  

It is still your time in 2021 and BEYOND to rise above the noise


  • Breakthrough Permanently Blocks that hold you back = TRUE WELLNESS 
  • Redefine and Claim your very unique gifts as a Leader= TRUE INFLUENCE
  • Reclaim your TRUE VALUE and live your LEGACY NOW= TRUE IMPACT 
  • (Another Hint: The landscape & how to do this is different now in the "New World")

It’s time to apply for the most effective training program out there

Lauren Salz

Jennifer has changed my life. Forever. I came to Jennifer with a need for more, but I honestly didn't know what that meant when we first started working together. Jennifer kindly and gracefully showed me how to draw on my own strengths while also teaching me tools that built on one another to reach my goals. I see, now, why the work in week 1 was integral and necessary to reach week 2, to reach week 3, and so on. I am forever grateful for the soul-stretching exercises and weekly check-ins. I genuinely loved my check-in calls. One of my favorite parts of my week! I would highly encourage you to go for it with Jennifer! She is doing the work she is called to do, and I am so thankful that I found her. Jennifer, you changed me for the better. Thank you!


Does this sound like you?

  • You want to wake up to your dream job and feel like you are daily on your “play ground”

  • You want to connect on deeper levels with your personal & career relationships 

  • You want to feel healthy and well in all areas of Wellness 

  • You want to have real & powerful tools that keep you dialed in daily to your path, purpose, vision…IMPACTING THE WORLD WITH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL


  • You have the dream job

  • Beautiful Relationships

  • A booming career that is impacting thousands


  • You are being seen, heard, loved for ALL that you are

Got it…

You're not crazy…

AND you can have this…

You just got lost in translation and haven’t received the tools to get back on your path

My clients and I are already doing this

HI, I’m Jennifer

We are about to change your life together

I was an All-American Athlete with a successful business realizing I wasn’t living my dream life, the life I really wanted... in fact, everyday was a struggle... everyday felt overwhelming, exhausting and resistive.

SO instead of continuing down a path I didn’t desire…

I chose another and now living my Beautiful Wellness without suffering, my dream job that feels like my "playground", connected to amazing relationships and creating IMPACT in ways I only dreamed about

AND I am ready to help you get there…WAAAY sooner than I did.

Having owned 3 separate businesses, speaking on 100s of stages and coaching high-performers I realized 3 things:

Everyone has absolute ability to live to their FULL POTENTIAL with JOY & PEACE, BUT almost no one knows how to get there

In order to become the Leader in EVERY AREA of your LIFE you have to:

1. Break free from the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks that continue to haunt you

2. Re-define & Fan your unique gifts (and trust me, they are unique and POWERFUL)

3. Re-claim your true Value and PURPOSE

AND YOU may say “yes, Jennifer…I get that…I tried programs like this and I’m still stuck.”

WELL, my friend you just haven’t done it in the way that your BODY & SOUL heal, than thrive, than transform and IMPACT…PERIOD.

Our program “reverse” engineers EVERYTHING you believed about WELLNESS & LEADERSHIP…and yes, this DYNAMIC DUO is EXACTLY what is going to get you the LIFE YOU REALLY WANT and create the IMPACT that aligns truly with your SOULS desire.

The “old” school way is NOT working for you…and we do have to look at things differently NOW.

Let me help you get there faster than I did


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She will help you change your life. Jennifer Watson has a tremendous ability to help you shift your perspective and ultimately your life in the direction you want to see it go in. Her courses and coaching are exceptional.

Kaitlyn Sullivan

2021 is still YOUR YEAR… even NOW

But maybe you're feeling you really don’t know how to get there?  There is so much you don’t know or are overwhelmed where to even start? 

I get it…you have probably already invested a lot of time and money into coaching programs and God knows how many Webinars to get it…and you are still in the EXACT same space

Feeling the exact same problems 

Feeling the exact same suffering

Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated

Feeling that it’s too late to live the life of Abundance YOUR WAY with joy and ease

And let me guess?  Because you don’t know what to do next you just keep “doing” your “to do” list in hopes that if you do enough things (the lazy busy concept) and “suffer” enough (the martyr complex) you might miraculously get exactly what you want?

BUT deep down you are hopeless you won’t. 

AND YOUR GREATEST fear you will be on your death bed someday and realize you haven’t lived the life you wanted…and that my friends…well, SUCKS.

Oh and also it’s NOT your fault

You just have been using the wrong systems from “experts”  that truly don’t get you and/or implementing “old” school tools that simply are only going to take you so far OR not take you anywhere

You don’t need more information or more on your “to do” list in your personal & professional life


My strategy gets you the dream job, the relationships you want, the IMPACT you were meant for and yes, the $$$ that comes along for ride!




You haven’t effectively broken through your mental/emotional/spiritual blocks 


You haven’t tapped into what ‘real’ Wellness is


You are not implementing your unique Leadership 


You are not understanding your true value, purpose or truth

AND you don’t even have a clue how to implement the first 4!

HINT: is DOES look different in our ‘New’ World


  • Your Dream Job

  • Connecting with EPIC people (personally & professionally)

  • Your Optimal Health

  • Creating HUGE IMPACT and making $$$ doing it…


Schedule Free Discovery Call for The "Jedi" Life + Leadership Mastery

I’ve had…

The Athletic Successes, The Businesses

The Podcasts, The Events, The TedX Experience…

I had the amazing opportunity to connect with EPIC people, transform lives, create huge IMPACT with my gifts and make some $$$ doing it…

NOW it’s your time to have it…

The "Ultimate Wellness + Leadership “Jedi” MASTERY”can work for you too!

Here is how this program will work:

Introducing The "Jedi" Life + Leadership Mastery

Learn how to…

  • Breakthrough Permanently Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Blocks= TRUE WELLNESS (Your Health)
  • Redefine and Fan your very unique gifts as a Leader= TRUE INFLUENCE (Your Leadership)
  • Reclaim your TRUE VALUE and purpose and live your LEGACY = TRUE IMPACT (Your Legacy) 

IN just 12 weeks!


YOU will change the trajectory of your LIFE


You will take the powerful 12 weeks into the rest of your LIFE to create consistent success and LIFE POTENTIAL no matter the environment. 


3 Pillars

  • With 12 1-on-1 sessions curtailed for your specific goals & visions that include more than "talk" but powerful neuroscience + spiritual tools & techniques (along with my own trademarked method... the GUT LEADERSHIP METHOD) to rewire your brain + develop your unique Soul-Aligned LIFE of influence and IMPACT + clear ACTION steps to get there

  • Unlimited Telegram/Voxer support 

  • Powerful weekly projects to drive home the "rewiring" to GREATNESS and create momentum in-between sessions

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