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Audrey Domingo


Coaching Testimonials (READ MORE)

During THE toughest time of my life, I sought for help but was wanting someone who could make me feel seen & heard. Like many during 2020, I faced many challenging decisions that were going to change my life forever. I had to let go of my old self, a relationship that was no longer serving me, a 20 year career, my country (Canada) where I was born & raised, old friends and family. I let go of EVERYTHING. At a time where I felt like I had become NOTHING, I met Jennifer. As a coach, she felt more like a sister / friend. She lifted my spirits at a time where everyone was leaving my life. The path I had chosen of love, truth, freedom & sovereignty was a lonely one until I decided to heal with Jennifer's coaching. She gave me the tools I needed to let go, forgive, feel self love again and regain my energy to rebuild a life for myself. Fast forward to 2021 and I have made a complete 360 degree transformation. I quit my job and now run a successful finance consulting practice. I left Canada & moved to Costa Rica. I left an old relationship and am now with the man of my dreams. Old friends have left and new soul family has arrived. Thank you Jennifer for helping me take the leap of faith & giving me the tools I needed to make the TOUGHEST transformation of my life the most rewarding blessing in disguise to walk through. God Bless You Jennifer!!! Sending you so much love!!!

Jennifer is a thoughtful and compassionate coach who takes the time to listen to her coaching clients' needs, and offers practical, heart-centered, and actionable steps to achieve their goals. I have worked with Jennifer for over a year, and she's help me recognize the areas where I could improve, in order to achieve my goals. It's amazing to see how far I've come after working with Jennifer! Would 100% recommend to others. 


Randy Peterson

I attended a presentation by Jennifer about Being Fabulous.  From start to finish she was engaging, present, informative and entertaining! Rare qualities in a public speaker. I learned more than I expected but never felt lectured to. 

Her interaction with the audience was effortless. 

She's a natural educator with the ease, grace and humor of the experts. 

I would recommend her for intimate to large presentations. 

I can't imagine anyone not walking away feeling better after being in her presence. 


Christy Thiel


Randy Peterson

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