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Download PDF on "How to Accelerate Your Influence"

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A couple of years ago...

I decided to do a 12 week road trip…living out of my bag and traveling the country…for one main reason….to find out what the top leaders were doing that accelerated their joy, impact and profit.​

I was shocked to discover that they weren’t a “certain” type of personality or had a specific area of gifting or impact but that they had mastered one thing.

They had mastered THIS framework that I have called the High-Frequency-State Leader Framework. 

This framework didn’t just look at the top 10 “characteristics” of top leaders that I thought was the key.  This leadership framework was looking at a more powerful foundation that supported top characteristics …

The High-Frequency-State Leader Framework includes: 

  • 3 principles to becoming a top 1% leader in 2024

  • A step-by-step PDF to walk you through activating your unique Leadership Frequency-State to draw in your “dream” team + community and create the greatest influence for good.


Today, you get to see how simple, yet powerful this framework is to increase impact + profit and allow you to experience joy & vitality, fully energized, leading from embodying the REAL YOU on your playground…while creating time-freedom for things that matter most to you


Charli Matthews
Founder & CEO of Empowering Brands

I enjoyed working with Jennifer so many reasons.  First, I love her energy and excitement for life. It is contagious and I love being in her presence.  Second, she has a well organized curriculum that sets you up for success and on track to accomplishing your goals. Lastly, She makes you think differently. The encouragement I received to trust my institution and understand how to notice when something was in true alignment with my values even when it was a tough conversation. She taught our group how to be there for one another and how to open up just a bit more and let our light shine even brighter. I would recommend her courses and to get to know here as a person. It will make you better.


Shannon Bumgarner
Human Centric Leader | Culture Cultivator | Talent Developer

Jennifer has been an incredible guide, healer and truth teller on my transformation journey. When I came into her world, I was confident, yet confused. Busy, but not yet productive. On a path, but really lost. After years of being stuck, I was ready to open myself up to this incredible soul leader experience. Jennifer guided me to the place of my divine calling. It's an amazing, centered place where my soul and my spirit and substance, they're all aligned. For the first time in my life. Thank you, Jennifer, for truly unlocking and igniting my fire within.

Jennifer Watson is best known for her ability to extract your leadership genius to amplify your vision that reaches & effects the world for good.

Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C., speaker, healer, and visionary on a mission to help leaders heal and accelerate their deeper purpose of impact through shifting their mental-emotional state and optimizing healthy high-performance leadership.


As a former D1 athlete and 2x All-American, Jennifer, founder of Watson World Wide, overcame years of debilitating depression to become an integrative physical therapist, entrepreneur of 6+ figure businesses, a TEDx speaker and now an international speaker & coach.


Jennifer’s ultimate goal in life is to be known for the healing she gave, the love she showed and the hope she gave to all that they can truly live their highest potential life.


In her spare time she loves to dance, run, play tennis, read and hang-out with her amazing friends and beautiful nieces and nephews. 

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