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Sometimes The Most Courageous Step You Can Take Is NO Step At All…

Jennifer Watson Leadership

Sometimes the most courageous step you can take is NO step at all…

Say What?!!! Yes, I just said that. :)

We take steps toward the BIG shiny objects

We take steps toward FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

We take steps toward someone else’s vision, life

We take “busy” steps to avoid things we actually need to take steps…BAM…TRUTH

We’ve all done it…I’ve done it.

Here’s the deal…when you are afraid of something that you want to do in this life personally or professionally you DO need to take a leap of FAITH.

But first you must face this FEAR and understand it, break it down and you may be surprised what your courage may tell you to do next…it may say WAIT, LISTEN, I got some great stuff coming…

When you want to be COURAGEOUS toward your ambitious personal and professional goals I encourage you to do this first:

  1. Face the Fear…look at your WHY Beneath Your WHY? Many of our fears are based on erroneous beliefs and when we can see that and feed the BRAIN new information of truth, facts…watch new neuro-connections form, new truths revealed, fears being diminished and yes, courage growing toward your goal!

  2. For 5 minutes put your hand on your heart, breathing, eyes closed. Your Heart is where your true purpose, passions, soul live. It lets you know what “lights your fire.” What you really want. What you are excited to give this world. You want to know very clearly what your vision is for your life. Otherwise you will continue to do busy work, fear based steps and living someone else’s life.

  3. LET IT GO! Our fears often come from past scars, pain, bad decisions…fears make us live in the past and base our decisions on them. If we really break it down our past “negative” parts aren’t really that but were absolutely an opportunity to grow…***PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING! If we see it as such we can truly “let go” of the past in a “negative” way and bring it to the present as an opportunity to use all the EPIC wisdom we have now to create the beautiful life you want NOW.

And when you have done these 3 steps you MAY find…you don’t need to make another step today.

WAIT…be OPEN & VULNERABLE…be HUMBLE…and watch some things come to you in monumental ways.

Maybe you need to see all the beautiful steps you’ve made. Maybe you’ve already planted some amazing seeds and now you need to be patient to watch them grow. Maybe you see a different direction you need to go. Maybe you see it’s not about taking a step today but DUMPING toxic things, places, people out of your life. The list can go on and on.

Taking ACTION is KEY in this life and often a step we must do in FACE OF FEAR.

BUT, remember…waiting…listening…standing in the moment…may be the greatest, most courageous and “game-changing” action you can make TODAY.


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