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I’m not a huge T.V. watcher but I DO love my movies.

One of my favorite movies of all time is AUGUST RUSH. If you haven’t seen…it is a must. The theme throughout the movie challenges you on so many levels.

There is a specific scene between the main character, an 11 y.o. boy, and Robin William’s character. The question is asked…”What do you want to be in the whole wide world?”

The boy’s response…”FOUND”

Without giving away the entire movie and the boy’s journey to this response, we can all relate to his response. We all want to be FOUND because being found means…

You belong…

You count…

You are loved…

You are significant…

You are more then the air you breath…

You were meant to be here…

BUT the irony is to be FOUND we MUST find ourselves first. And that is exactly what the boy, August Rush, did. He found out what made him tick, what inspired him, what connected him, what made him feel alive…and you know what? It drew the EXACT things he wanted most to him.

BUT being FOUND is not an easy process sometimes. He had to go against all odds, against what people said, against what people thought, against the world in many ways and HOLD on to his TRUTH. And we will have to do the same my friends.

When you are thrown up against the wall and you truly want to be FOUND start here:

1. BE STILL…take in all your 5 senses…and yes, your 6th sense…your INTUIT… will come out and lead you​

2. BE A KID…take a leap, be goofy…know that life is your unique canvas to paint…there is no such thing as failure if you really stop comparing yourself to others..and yes, ignorance is bliss sometimes

3. STEP INTO YOUR PAIN…no matter where the pain is coming from (emotional, physical, spiritual)…if your willing to lean into your PAIN it will teach YOU EVERYTHING about you and where you should go next…unabashedly!

You deserve to be FOUND my friends. Start being FOUND today and your HEALTH, your LIFE will thank you for it…

Much love,


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