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Yep, it’s that time of year again where we see “New Year’s Resolution” posts pop up everywhere. Outwardly many of us may roll our eyes at the concept and mock the statistic of failures that happen to many that make them. But deep down in our secret hiding place we REALLY do want to succeed and we really do want to better ourselves.

With that said, our first impulse into “bettering” ourself and “achieving” our goals is to download every app to jump start a change. Unfortunately this leads to “freeze-frame” and we ultimately end up doing nothing.

Well, guess what? You CAN create the life you want now but how you get there…well, it looks much different than you think. What you have at your fingertips and what you have inside is greater than you ever imagined and more POWERFUL than you ever believed. By implementing this “HHH” trifecta you will see much more than just attaining your goals…you’ll see your journey unfold in ways you never thought possible.

HIBERNATION- Yes, we are animals! And although we are at the highest level on the food chain, winter is a time for us to slow down too and create more time to heal, reflect and ultimately make space for creating better versions of ourself. If we are busy being “busy” we will never have the opportunity to actually create change. Slowing ourselves down and making space allows us to create the life we want…and yes, achieve our goals and aspirations. So how do you make space?

First, look at your “To Do” list for the week and cut in half. Try to take out things that can wait for later. It’s not only fun to axe things off your list but it provides peace and confidence in lists that are more doable and purposeful.

Second, declutter a room in your house. Creating more space in a room naturally creates more space for you to do things in your home and more space in your mind to do the things you want to do in the world around you.

HONING- Now that we have slowed down and created space let’s hone in on activities that will get your juices flowing to create the changes you want!

First- Start with a VISION BOARD. How is this different than goal setting? Vision boards allow you to look at your goals and visions for yourself with images, pictures and words that you put on a board that inspires you…yes, INSPIRES you. This allows you to see what you want, need, and value and ultimately take aligned action toward your intentions. When we connect with our senses this way it allows us to access more areas of our brain and ultimate move in the direction of our goals! Once this board is finished, put it somewhere you can see often. Daily reconnecting with your inspiration will enforce consistent action.

Second- Movement creates change! But movement with positive incantations creates even more! Research shows that when we move and speak what we want it creates changes in the brain. These changes facilitate shifts in beliefs and behaviors which ultimately lead to effective ACTION toward our goals. So walk, skip or dance as you say out loud things you want for yourself! The key is to say it as if it has already happened! Doing this will create a domino effect you won’t believe.

HERDING in your peeps- We all need support as we go through the ups and downs of achieving our goals but who and how we get support may look surprising different.

First- You have to have a support system that 100% believes in you…drop the people that do not believe you and your dreams…PERIOD. But also be open to who might be your greatest advocate. And it may look different then you think. Some of the greatest advice you can receive is from someone that thinks quite differently then you.

Second, choose people that get you, that your not too much for and that truly celebrate you. These people will be the ones that by action show how much they believe in you and your dreams…and trust me this has huge power.

EXAMPLE? When Thomas Edison was a young child his teacher sent him home with a a letter to give to his mother. When Thomas asked what the letter said his mother replied, “Your son is a genius. This school’s too small for him and doesn’t have good enough teachers to train him. Please teach him yourself.” Years later after his mother had passed away he found the letter in his mother’s house. With great surprise he read, “Your son is mentally deficient. We cannot let him attend our school anymore. He is expelled.” Later that day he wrote in his diary, ”Thomas A. Edison was a mentally deficient child whose mother turned him into the genius of the century.”

His mother significantly changed the course of his path and ultimately the world by just believing in her son. The power of having people in your life that believe in you…well, it’s powerful…plain and simple.

So, my friends it’s time for a little hibernation, honing and herding. Three simple things that will create a domino effect into a FABULOUS 2018. Remember, you have everything you need right here and right now to create the life you want…go after it!

All the best,

Jennifer Watson

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