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Tips for Winter

Being from the North I do have to say there is something MAGICAL about the 1st snowfall…looks like Heaven. And even though us “Southerners” (yes, I have become one!) may not get a lot of snow the cold definitely makes it’s presence known. HIBERNATION is the first thing we think of as the winter months come…this is not a bad thing! Winter is a great opportunity to slow down from our busy schedules and re-boot. But winter doesn’t have to be a time to Hibernate completely while awaiting Spring…Here are 5 TIPS to make those shorter days good ones!

#1- GO GREEN…AND SWEET POTATO!- Green vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals our body craves and needs to take care of all systems of the body. Along with those good greens don’t forget the winter “Super Food” …the sweet potato! This fabulous potato is also loaded with vitamins and minerals. This green and orange combo gives amazing benefits including energy & immune booster, mood & metabolic regulator, skin integrity & stress manager and more! Daily supplements may be an option for you if you are not getting those vitamins & minerals from these veggies that are often low during the winter months (ie.Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Zinc, Magnesium and Echinasia). Need help getting started? JRose can absolutely help you with this process and be your coach throughout.

#2- CREATIVE EXERCISE INDOORS!- If you are bored with your exercise your body is too! Changing up an exercise regimen stimulates & challenges metabolism and brain. Why not try something different this winter…you don’t have to be limited by having to stay inside! How about a dance class, martial arts, yoga class …they all get you out of your house and moving a little if not a lot. The health benefits of exercise are, of course, enormous and with these fun & new activities you can avoid the effects of the dark day and say hello to more endorphins, more energy and more balance to your day!

#3- “DIYs”!- We always put off our old “To Do” list for winter (summer is way too much fun ). Balance out that old “To Do” list with a new & FUN “Do It Yourself” (DIY) project. Pick something you enjoy, be creative! This stimulates your BRAIN which helps with energy and mood during the dark months…and yes, it gets you off the couch.

#4- THE BALANCE OF NATURE …AND TEA…AND COFFEE!- Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to reconnect with the world and yourself. When we spend time outdoors we feel more grounded and balanced. And after that nice walk don’t forget to cozy up with something warm. Green and other herbal teas offer an additional shield to those nasty colds along with other health benefits. And yes, it is okay to drink a little hot coffee too! New research is showing that small amounts of caffeine can enhance brain/nervous system activity and may decrease risks of Parkinson’s, headaches, diabetes and more. So GO NATURE, GO TEA, and yes, GO COFFEE!

#5- THE ART of THREE!- Breathe–>Absorb–>Re-connect. Most of us don’t Breathe well or at all! This can be due to a variety of things including stress, pain, illness, environmental/food toxins, and more. The value of normalizing breathing goes beyond the need of oxygen to all bodily systems to optimize function. Normalizing breathing helps us Absorb our daily stressors and Re-Connect to the things we value the most creating balance and emotional stability. Working on your breathing via meditation, yoga, winter wellness retreats or coming in for a JROSE wellness session/”tweaking” has great value. SO LET”S BREATHE!


To Your Health,


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