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No Plan B

When asked during a televised interview what the "key" to his success has been Will Smith stated, "I have no plan B." So what does Will Smith have to do with your health?...more than you realize.

One of the top failed New Year's resolutions is promising yourself to eat better & exercise more. We are coming close to the middle of the year...where are you at on your Health & Wellness journey? Why is treating ourselves well so darn hard? Maybe giving ourselves to many plans & options is part of the problem. Often, the 2nd & 3rd option is much easier than the first but a lot less effective. And maybe to go a little further those "other" options are our excuses.

There is no other option for your life than a "healthy" one...your family, your work, your path & purpose depend on it. So put done the other options of "I will start tomorrow", "I will re-set my goals for more realistic ones" or whatever you say to yourself to get out of the first option.

I know this is not easy so making sure you have a great community of support from family, friends, and Health & Wellness practitioners can help you bring the HEALTH you want for yourself. Watson Wellness would love to help kick off your summer with a little session with us. Prevention & maintenance is key! From stress management & exercise tips to a little hands-on "tweaking" of your body, we can assist you to stay on track.

Don't hesitate to follow through with your PRIMARY plan no matter how many times you may need to get back on the horse. Remember, plan A may be very hard but worth it...don't give up.

Need a little more motivation? Michael Jordan as a 10th grader was cut from the high school varsity basketball team. Abraham Lincoln lost more elections than he won before he became president. Sandra Day O"Conner graduated in the top 10 percent of her law class but was never offered a job at any major law firm...what did she do? She opened her own and we all know where that went...she became the first woman elected to the Supreme Court.

I don't know about you but I don't think they had a plan B...

To Your Health,


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