One-On-One with Jennifer

A 6-month MIND-BODY Transformation to live the life you were meant for…

Your Health + Your Leadership

+ Your Legacy

My Strategy (3 Areas)

Physical Health Screen & Body Work

Assessing your needs as a Integrative Manual Therapist

Referral to IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) if needed and or seen by Jennifer Watson

Connecting you with other professionals as needed if coaching out-of-state

Mental Health + Post-Trauma Growth

Assessing your needs as a health coach

Implementation of tools & techniques to create new behaviors & beliefs surrounding health, enhance mental wellness and emotional intelligence as well as techniques that break down the barriers between the conscious & subconscious mind and allow for optimal creativity and POWER of the MIND

Integration of specific tools for post-trauma healing while utilizing the power of trauma 

Self-Leadership tools & techniques to create awareness of your unique leadership and optimally utilizing it in your HEALTH

Connecting you with other professionals as needed (both in and out of state where appropriate)

Spiritual, Intuitive Health, + Soul-Re-Alignment that Resonates with Your Goals/Gifts/Purpose

Assessing your current level & understanding of your unique intuition, soul space and spirituality

Implementation of techniques to re-claim your SOUL and live in alignment with who you really are, what you really want and maximize the gifts you have to serve the world.

Implementation of tools and techniques to optimize your INTUITION, create SOULFUL decisions aligned with your path, purpose and vision

Taking self-leadership further into it’s connection to creating optimal relationships, money abundance and living out your LEGACY now

What One-On-One Coaching Includes

  • Application/Game Plan

  • 2 coaching call sessions/month

  • 3 scheduled Breakthrough sessions 

  • Unlimited email access for additional support

  • Direction to an IMT (Integrative Manual Therapy) therapist and/or direction to other bodywork practitioners

  • Breathe work, YOU specific meditation/prayer, readings & resources

  • Home projects to amplify your HEALTH, your LEADERSHIP, your LEGACY

  • Powerful techniques to optimize subconscious and conscious brain connection creating healing and impactful shifts in health, relationships and money

  • Tools & techniques for mental health post trauma

  • Tools & techniques specific for intuitive & spiritual management

  • Tools & techniques specific for your unique leadership

  • Next level: Taking tools & techniques into relationship, money, career goals, athletic goals…

  • Connecting you to other wellness providers as needed to maximize progress

What We Will Cover

  • Your past and move PAST it quickly…we are not counselors but taking your acknowledgement of past traumas and beliefs and implementing immediately effective tools to re-wire the brain, address your inner child, powerfully connecting the subconscious/conscious mind and move into the grace of you
  • What is stopping you…what are your unique gifts, your unique intuit, your unique spirit
  • Re-directing self-talk, projections, erroneous beliefs, negative emotions 
  • Dialing in your unique self-care time, create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life
  • Understanding what your true leadership is AND how to take it out in the world
  • Utilizing your unique gifts in all areas of your life…family/relationships, activity/sports, career/entrepreneur
  • Seeing your unique, single & individual POWER and how to access it in all areas of your life
  • The power of presence, sex, mindset, gratitude and subconscious beliefs and how you can influence each to your advantage
  • Understanding hustle & planning while letting go & surrendering

***Special packages will be available for IMT & Coaching combo will be discussed at your Discovery Call***

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