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EVEN though it's "MINI"... don't let it fool you. Because it's still BADASS!

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The “Mini” Sparta Leadership includes:

Powerful Weekly Talks

on TOPICS you need to know about to make major shifts in your health, wealth and relationships (60-90 minute sessions) 


Q & A and


Opportunities lead by Jennifer Watson

Epic Special Guests

that are “Masters” in their fields and will not only bring you powerful wisdom but easy to implement tools.  AND integration time to implement tools right there.  

We are all about interaction here my friends! 

You will also be in a room full of like-minded and high-frequency peeps!  MASTERMINDING is real my friends…watch the magic happen and the rest of your week change immediately!

For more details below on each “magical” week!

Mike Zeller

WEEK 1 (January 21st) 12 PM EST

Clearing out BLOCKS in Health, Wealth, Relationships

Integration Tool: NLP (Neurolinguistic Processing) Technique

David Meltzer

WEEK 2 (January 28th) 4 PM EST

And you thought you knew what LEADERSHIP meant? Think again

Integration Tool: Overwhelm & Uncertainty to Clarity & Certainty Leadership Template

Anthony Trucks

WEEK 3 (February 4th) 1:30 PM EST

Make SHIFT Happen…Tapping into your True IDENTITY and “Zone of Genius”

Integration Tool: 3 Powerful Questions Technique & Zone of Genius Template

Joel Brown

WEEK 4 (February 11th) 7 PM EST

Creating a BULLET Proof Spiritual Legacy…Re-align and Transcend Powerfully

Integration Tool: Secret Master Tool You have Never experienced before! Woohoo!

Kelly Brock

WEEK #5 (February 18th) 12 PM EST

Your Message, Your STEWARDSHIP and taking it to the WORLD POWERFULLY

Integration Tool: Clarity—> Connecting—> Co-creating for IMPACT in your unique STEWARDSHIP Template (from personal to business goals!)

James Silvas

WEEK 6 (February 25th) 1 PM EST

Badass Communication and Cultural Leadership (self to team)

Integration Tool: Communication Integration Template for Powerful Conversion to team IMPACT

James Whittaker

WEEK 7 (March 4th) 1 PM EST

How to Think and GROW Rich…Becoming RICH in EVERY area of your life

Integration Tool: Vision—> To Action—> TO Impact To Money—> To more IMPACT Template 

Lucas Mack

WEEK 8 (March 11th) 1:30 PM EST

The Powerful Trio of: Surrender, Patience, Forgiveness= LOVE

Integration Tool: Tapping into your Unique LOVE power…GAME-CHANGING technique to create YOUR true LEGACY

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