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A couple of years ago I decided to do a 12 week road trip...

Living out of my bag and traveling the country…for one main reason….to find out what the top leaders were doing that accelerated their joy, impact and profit.


I was shocked to discover that they weren’t a “certain” type of personality or had a specific area of gifting or impact but that they had mastered one thing.


They had mastered THIS framework that I have called the High-Frequency-State Leader Framework. 


This framework didn’t just look at the top 10 “characteristics” of top leaders that I thought was the key.  This leadership framework was looking at a more powerful foundation that supported top characteristics …


 The High-Frequency-State Leader Framework includes:  3 principles to becoming a top 1% leader in 2024, a step-by-step PDF to walk you through activating your unique Leadership Frequency-State to draw in your “dream” team + community and create the greatest influence for good.


Today, you get to see how simple, yet powerful this framework is to increase impact + profit and allow you to experience joy & vitality, fully energized, leading from embodying the REAL YOU on your playground…while creating time-freedom for things that matter most to you.

Download the Leadership Frequency-State Framework…($500 Value)


 Jennifer Watson is best known for her ability to extract your leadership genius to amplify your vision that reaches & affects the world for good.


Jennifer Watson, MPT, I.M.T.,C., is a healer and a dynamic speaker with a gift for intuitive and

visionary coaching. She is an expert in integrative wellness, transformational leadership, mental

edge + resilience optimization, enhancement, sustainable high-performance, influential communication,

and soul-aligned living mastery.

Incorporating her expertise along with her athletic gifts as a former D1-collegiate track athlete

and 2x All-American, she has had the honor to share here message on the TEDx stage, NBC,

Fox Radio and top Summit & Podcasts. With 25+ years experience in wellness advocacy +

business leadership management, she inspires those to unleash their potential in all areas of

their life.

She is the CEO of Watson World Wide (WWW) which supports the ambitious executives &

business leaders to step out of chaos into creation to live their legacy now. WWW does this

through shifting your Mental-Emotional State and optimizing Healthy High-Performance Leadership

that accelerates sustainable peace, impact and profit.

Her gift is truly to tap into the leaders “Flow State” in Wellness + Leadership and create their

extraordinary business and life with ease & joy.

In addition, Jennifer is the founder of Run Your Race Global whose vision is to create healing,

opportunity, and prosperity in every community and country around the world with mission to

accelerate influence of the 1% Leaders & Entrepreneurs in their area of impact to achieve ambitious

results for good.

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