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Learn First Hand

How to Become an

Influential Leader 
in Your Business

& Beyond 
with Jennifer Watson

Discover how to become a POTENT Leader and multiply your Profit, Productivity & Performance for your Impact when you commit to just 4 months of this powerful Leadership Journey…

Join me to build the Unstoppable Business & Life you were created for

HEAL your Pain that is limited your Full Potential 

ACTIVATE your Unique Leadership Frequency

 ACCELERATE your Prosperity & Deeper Purpose


Putting in less then 20 hours/week…doing what you love, when you want to do it


Introducing Influential Leader

A 4-month journey to learn how to accelerate profit, productivity, & performance while staying aligned with your deeper purpose as an entrepreneur.  ALL while creating a bullet-proof business SO you can continue to IMPACT your clients, your team, your team on your terms with  FREEDOM, joy and a lot of FUN!

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Influential Leader is a deep dive coaching experience designed to create real results at an accelerated level for the entrepreneur.  We have unleveled this program and can honestly say there is no other program out there like this for the business leader.  I am going all in with this program at an ambitious level.


The 2.0 version will give you in-depth knowledge, rapid transformation tools, strategies and frameworks you need to become AND sustain your influential leader presence, leave your mark on the world and create the impact needed to stand out in the industry you wish to LEAD in.


I live by the belief that If we all knew how much we’ve missed out on by being uninformed, uneducated, disconnected and broke, we’d be working a lot harder towards our goals.


The person you will be in a year from now is based on the content you study, who you are mentored by and the people you surround yourself with today.

I will personally teach you 16 powerful coaching modules over the 4 months and together will create REAL results in your Leadership and Business. 


In this fully fledged Business-Leadership program you may experience exponential growth in your business and life at a neurophysiological level which will allow you to truly impact the world at your highest level.


A year from now make sure you can say that you chose your life and that you didn’t settle for anything less than the highest version of you

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Rapid Transformational Tools to…

HEAL pain & release core wounds keep you stuck

Regulate & Amplify Mind-Body-Soul Wellness 

Discover & Optimize the real essence of you while creating congruency + Integrity in your desires

Next-Level Leadership Trait Frameworks to…

ACTIVATE your unique Leadership Frequency & Style

Create & Express powerful communication + productivity of self/team

Develop & Sustain your Creation + Aligned action while staying in high energy

High-Performance Strategies to…

ACCELERATE your Profit & Impact

Implementing & Sustaining Mental Edge Mastery + Performance with you & your team, no matter the environment

Expanding your speaking to shift the environment to your favor

***All sessions are highly interactive with the highest level of tools, frameworks and templates that will create rapid and sustained success

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My Personal Journey and what I have come to understand.

"Success” was my middle name but I was so miserable…I always was looking for the next “fix,” the next “high” to compensate for my pain and lack of self-worth. And I also felt not seen, like I didn’t belong which created the “people pleaser” and “perfectionist” behavior for many years. As a proud “high-performer” I was exhausted, overwhelmed and lacking to peace & joy. And I kept doing success after success trying to “get back to me.” My greatest fear was that I wouldn’t reach my full potential. And then it happened…I finally realized why I wasn’t getting anywhere with my desires to heal, create the Leadership for my impact and the life I truly wanted. It was all about ASSUMPTIONS. A lot of us assume, including me, that we have to show up a certain way, do it a certain way, be a certain way. YOU DON’T. Through my own journey in healing I realized one rapid transformational tool right away. When I finally didn’t care what people thought about me. AND, I mean really not care. It opened pandoras box in a beautiful way and accelerated everything I wanted in this life with ease & joy and on my playground. I learned how to heal effectively, lead effectively and give my potential to the world as UNIQUELY me. And you can do it to. You are worthy so heal yourself and find out who you really are. You belong so activate your unique leadership and get the party started. You are a vessel so accelerate your movement to give to the world for good. YOU are BELOVED. And I love you. Let’s go Jennifer

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