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Impactful, powerful sessions to encourage your breakthrough in both personal and professional goals.

Complimentary Discovery Call Session

  • Your first coaching session will dial in who you are, what you want and WHY you want it!


  • We’ll take your BIG goals and refine them into “knock-out-of the-park” realities.  

  • Finally, we will initiate mental wellness & soul healing techniques that you can use immediately  to break down barriers that have kept you stuck from living the EPIC life you want NOW!


Key Benefits of Coaching With Jennifer

  • Identify barriers in your health, your leadership with implementation of unique tools, visionary & soul aligned techniques that create sustained change to reach new heights in your LIFE 

  • Implement intuitive &  spiritual management to align SOUL + MENTAL WELLNESS and break through barriers, past traumas keeping you from the goals you want and deserve


  • Incorporate movement & change adaptation, integrative physical therapy and self-leadership techniques to re-claim your POWER and put in back in the driver’s seat for your goals and the EPIC life you were meant for


  • Optimizing your MENTAL HEALTH to create your LEADERSHIP and ultimately your LEGACY 

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