Coaching with Jennifer

Helping men and women make subtle changes in their health and leadership is truly my passion.  By making impactful & sustainable shifts in overall health will allow you to create the

Health + Leadership + Legacy=

I do not believe in the popular narrative that you have to be “STUCK” in a traumatic state that limits you from getting the life you want.  

The LIFE you absolutely desire and deserve!

No matter your trauma (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), you weren’t meant to stay there and I see too many people STAY their.  BUT I also believe they don’t want to and deep, deep down…they have HOPE they don’t have to!

If you are on this page, I am assuming you have at least a BIT of hope and that’s enough to start with!


Living your life on a “hamster” wheel of limiting beliefs and fears is NOT where you are suppose to be!  And yes, this is often where we stay after our trauma. 


First, understand your trauma counts!  Don’t compare it to someone else’s or play the game in your head that yours isn’t as significant…if it’s effecting our quality of life then it’s SIGNIFICANT.  Second, the KEY is unlocking the TRAUMA, creating the HEALTH (mental Health first), then creating the Leadership (self-leadership first) and yes, then living the LEGACY you were made for…and GUESS what…is already there! Say WHAT?!!!

What If You Could Have






I get it…this list may seem unforeseeable but it’s NOT.  And if you can wrap your head around this next concept right now…you will see your life, your body, your dreams, your mental health, your desires shift into exactly what you want.  

You may even say…Jennifer, I don’t have the time and I definitely don’t have the money. Well, I’m gonna say you do…your priorities, mindset among other things is pretty jacked up…I love you and trust me I say this very lovingly.


Trust me, I’ve been there.  I mean, I’ve really been there.  When it took everything to get out of bed and make a grocery list.  When I thought I was a pile of crap, not worthy to be or do anything after my traumas in my life…my struggles with mental wellness and how it was effecting all physical parts of me including my money and my relationships. 


And just in case you have’t heard…







Oh, and by the way…I was feeling all this when I was an ALL-AMERICAN in track, when I was starting my new physical therapy practice…when I was “successful”…in the mean time drinking and rocking myself in the corner of my room.  Yes, you “high achieving” rock stars.  I know where you live!  You put on the face of “I’m okay” but you’re really not. Again, I get it.  But sooner or later the facade will finally break and you can either do it the hard way or let me help you.  


What I have learned as a high performance athlete, integrative physical therapist, health coach, speaker and working with other practitioners…is this…listen up…


You can exercise, eat the apple not the hoho, meditate, pray, yoga, etc, etc BUT if you are not dealing with your past trauma (physical, emotional, or spiritual), if you are out of your SOUL ALIGNMENT of your truth, your desires, your gifts, or have no idea who you are you you will never get the health or life goals you want…period.  Past trauma can disarray your mental health and absolutely create soul alignment issues…wondering who the heck you are, can you feel better and bigger question do my gifts count…are they important enough to serve the world? And can I even get them back?

Research shows that when past trauma that is not dealt with properly stays in the body and it can manifest in all areas creating “dis” ease in mental health, spiritual health and YES, physical health issues.  The good news is we can get it out!  


We have amazing tools and techniques to create “breakthroughs” in trauma and make them ROCKET FUEL FOR YOUR FUTURE.  Coaching is about guiding/mentoring you into new behaviors & beliefs instead of staying in victim mode and believing what your “critter” has told you is truth…which by the way is BS.  

SOOO…after all this…and if you have still be reading…and you are READY to get the HEALTH, the LEADERSHIP, and the LIFE you want…

The energy, brain-clarity, soul power and drive to live the Health that you want?

The “Mental Giant” mindset that allows you to have emotional intelligence and mental stability during life’s rollercoaster of good and times and not so good times as well as times you have to step up and perform

The EPIC life post-trauma that you thought you could never have but actually can be your Rocket Fuel for your goals

The “looming” physical health goals that you think everyone can have but you can’t 

The relationship, money and career goals that have seemed unattainable become unequivocally attainable.


These are my current offerings to support you in your Wellness Journey: