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Coaching Overview

Health & Success Coaching can bring you the powerful changes and ultimate results you want for your life and create FABULOUS that you were meant for. 

"Are you looking to create a healthier life and optimize your personal & professional goals?

Are you looking for exponential growth Post Trauma? 

Are you ready to get the ONE thing you've always wanted but can't seem to attain?

Are you ready to optimize performance in work and play with your unique intuition & spirit?

Are you ready to become the Leader in your Life and Live your Legacy?

You have come to the right place!  Let's take you further in these areas then you ever anticipated!

It is important to understand the people we are here to support AND how coaching is different than counseling...


  •  Coaching assumes that you are starting form a place of complete power, and ability to make changes in your own life.

  •  Coaches are simply guides and mentors in helping you achieve the goals and the life you desire.

  • Coaches will provide more input, suggestions, and keep you accountable for the changes that you are wanting to make.

  • Coaching is considered to be more educational and  task/action-oriented  to help you CHANGE a behavior, a pattern, or implement new skills and ultimately achieve results.

  • Coaches may provide organization, accountability, encouragement, motivation and follow-through to see you actually make changes.

  • Coaches won’t provide a diagnosis, won’t delve into past issues, or get involved in deep emotional issues. If these come up, coaches most likely will refer you to a therapist.

  • Coaches have a stronger teaching and mentoring role than therapists do.

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