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Wellness-Performance Toolkit

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This Wellness-Performance Toolkit doesn’t play around! From 25+ years of experience in Wellness Advocacy + Leadership Development, Jennifer has curated 9 videos + 5 PDFs that are will start creating momentum in aspects of health, resilience, productivity, performance and more… To lead in the fullest version of you. What’s inside: ---> Tools to optimize resilience, mental edge and overall Mind-Body-Soul Health *Top 10 Activities to TAKE OUT to Optimize Mind-Body-Soul Health *Top 10 Activities to PUT IN to Optimize Mind-Body-Soul Health ---> Frameworks to support next level of you and enhance physical-emotional agility *Optimizing Healthy Resilience *Top 7 Activities to Optimize Health Resilience *Increase Physical-Emotional Agility ---> Templates to accelerate productivity and energy *Accelerating Productivity-Energy (Part 1) *Productivity through Energy-Scheduling (Part 1) *Accelerating Productivity-Energy (Part 2) *Productivity through Energy-Scheduling (Part 2) ---> 3-part breathe work series to optimize Vitality, Energy, & Performance *Optimize Next-Level You 3-part series *3-part Breathe work Series to Optimize Vitality, Energy, Performance --->Top 10 foods to enhance Mental Edge + Top 10 Immune Boosters *20 Activities to Optimize Mental Edge *Top 10 Foods to Enhance Mental Wellness *Top 10 Immune Boosters



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