How do you DO more?

Mar 10, 2021

I encourage you to ask yourself these 2 questions if you are asking yourself THAT question.

FIRST, does doing more get more of what I want?

SECOND, does doing more get me there more effectively?

If the answer is NO to either of those questions better questions need to be asked then “how do I DO more.”
BUT today if your answer is yes to those 2 questions than...



This starts with you taking continued ACTION and creating priorities around your WELLNESS. (and yes, this is exactly the time of year we start fading on this, justify it away with guess what? I have so much to DO!...the irony).

Feeling better in all areas of WELLNESS will directly influence your ability to DO and more importantly BE the person you want to be this year.


4 tips on 4 areas of WELLNESS to make you FEEL BETTER and rock your year!

Physical Wellness: take out processed sugar & minimize alcohol. Then go to bed at a consistent hour during the work week. This will allow your body to decrease overall inflammation and heal ALL body systems optimally for the THRIVE you want in all areas of your life.

Emotional Wellness: write down what people, places, things “trigger” negative emotions in you. Don’t judge, just become aware. Then create some boundaries around them. This will start managing some of those emotions which give you momentum for your day and create adversity/stress tolerance.

Mental Wellness: write down/brain dump all your fears, dominant beliefs you have running through your head consistently, just become aware. Then VISUALIZE how you want those areas to look different. Your brain starts re-organizing your old truth into a new truth and watch the goodness come rolling in.

Spiritual Wellness: let go and UNDECIDE limiting beliefs (AKA: excuses & lies you are telling yourself) audibly say them out loud! Then start writing down what you feel your purpose, vision, mission is for YOU and the WORLD! ( if your stuck at will come.)
This will start opening you up to the life you were created for.

BONUS: spiritual wellness will create ease & won’t have to do more to create more. 💜

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