5 WAYS to Start Creating Trust With Self

Mar 10, 2021

Write Down things you are excited about in your life. Visualizing what you want is powerful because it is the TRUE you coming out. It wants you to fan it and starting “trusting” that it’s you.

Write Down three things you want to work on in your life. This will allow you opportunities to “catch” yourself in the act and choose a different behavior.

Pick one activity daily that you will complete no matter what. Start with something really small. Remember it’s about the brain/YOU starting to trust yourself that you will do what you say you are going to do.

Create tasks to attain a specific short term goal you desire. When you see yourself complete the tasks, attain the goal you create confidence and MOMENTUM and TRUST to complete other tasks for other goals...and watch domino effect happen.

There is nothing that can replace a coach. All highly successful people have one.

WHY? Because they not only can provide objective feedback, effective tools BUT we humans stay more consistent with goals when we know someone is going to check in on us.

AND, it allows us to take trusting ourselves to the next level...trusting others!

Which one are you most excited about trying this week?
Let me know below. ♥️

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